20 GOIN' APE SH!T 15

June Black featured in The Cypher Season 2!

Did you catch June Black in “The Cypher Season 2 EP3″? If not check it out below! This is a must see! June Black killed his part and so did…


FLYAPE is back with Afro Puffs featuring Legend Guevara, June Black & Atlas! Shouts to FLYAC! Together our creative force is unstoppable! Classics! Listen & Download FREE!

Make Your Words Sting. Then Go For the Throat!

FLYAPE Presents: Words Sting! Inspired by my brother in law James D. So we put something together (that’s right I jumped on this track lol) and we spit our rhymes…

The Return of Fo-Fo!

Fo-Fo is back once again with his brothers from BOE Headshot: KG and Trap! #FreeBOE Listen & Download FREE today!!!  

Esau Santana aka Blickaz in Wu-Tang Forever Smoke Session

Blickaz is back with a hit single: Wu-Tang Forever Smoke Session…this is some good material….a great cover of this beat….I recommend you LISTEN & DOWNLOAD FREE!!!  

Crystal Eyes Presents: Silver Bells

Crystal Eyes brings you some holiday Electro Soul Hip Hop single! Its super awesome and you should enjoy it every holiday season! FREE!  

Crystal Eyes: Journey of Elevations

Check out the new EP from Crystal Eyes!  Jounrey of Elevations is an Instrumental Journey representing our long journey from the DC area to Colorado!  Check it out and DOWNLOAD…

Welcome Crystal Eyes Ent to the Family!

We have a new player in our little entertainment empire: Crystal Eyes Ent! Crystal Eyes was founded by Tone the Tech and Gilroc. The purpose of Crystal Eyes is to…

Bizzy Black brings you 10k…..All I need is 10k

Bizzy Black is back with another issue in the APEShit: Da Blackout Series Vol 2. Check it out and remember to DOWNLOAD for FREE!!!  

FLYAPE Presents: State 2 State

FLYAPE is BACK!!! With “State 2 State” featuring June Black, Lord Kendu & Shotty! Original in House Beat by Gilroc! Enjoy!……and remember…..LISTEN & DOWNLOAD FREE!!!  

FLYAC Presents Crenshaw Soul: A classic West Coast Tribute!

FLYAC is back with Crenshaw Soul, featuring Legend Guevara, Double D, Nico Green & Coca Rico!  This track is has a classic West Coast Hip-Hop sound and it is awesome!…

Lord Kendu: Inside My Love

NEW TRACK  from Lord Kendu!  “Inside My Love”! Sure to be a panty dropper!  lol Kendu kills it….take a LISTEN & DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!